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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Two days of stitching and some oldies but goodies

Wednesday and Thursday have been spent stitching out some of the BOM blocks. I think I have done all the Stack'Ems and Polka Dot Giraffe stitch outs. Just hope that they correspond with my sketchy plan!

 I have also done 3 preliminary blocks for the HIA Forest Owls BOM quilt.
I am using the Moda Me and My Sister Hubba Hubba line which has been out for a little while. They do have a couple of new line outs and the best thing about their fabric lines is that you can mix and match the majority of their collections.
Forest Owls BOM
I have been meaning to mention a website I visit frequently, especially when looking for costume ideas and baby crochet patterns for my Bridie's Blossoms items. The patterns at The Vintage Pattern Files are free so take some time to have a look around and reminisce.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

BOM update and small freebie roundup

This weekend has been spent trying to fight off a sore throat and cold. To keep myself occupied rather than laying on the couch I have sent out a few more BOM blocks.
Block 2 has gone out in the Polka Dot Giraffe BOM. 
Polka Dot Giraffe BOM Block 2

I have also finished Row 1. I will be sending out Block 3 instructions( the middle double block) later on in the week.
Polka Dot Giraffe BOM Row 1

I have also sent out the instructions for four more Crazy Quilt blocks. Blocks 57-60 have been emailed out so that leaves only 4 more to do.

Urban Threads have a lovely Painted Swallow bird design until August 24th.

Don't forget to stop by the Bernina blog. A new Alpha has been running there called Tea Time alpha. Once on the freebie page click more posts at the bottom of the page and all the recent posts will be brought up including the links to each letter to date. there are also some great bag tutorials. You may need to hit the translate button in your browser for each new page.

The days are getting longer and some of my spring bulbs have already been out in flower and are now passed their best. It will soon be spring cleaning time and when the sun shines in the window it shows all those little dust bunnies we pretend are not there.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Drum Roll............... - the Crazy quilt is Finished + 2 others

After a smidge under 2 years I have completely finished my Crazy Quilt BOM. Now it is on to writing up the remaining 8 block lessons to send out. I decided against putting a border on as I did nto want to take away from the cololur wash effect. It has a lovely burgundy jacquard backing and black satin binding. The quilt weighs over 7 lbs and does not have any batting in it. It is just a showpiece. It is one of those things that if you had to evacuate the house in a hurry it has most of your treasures stitched on it. Think I will tell my family that when I die instead of putting flowers on my coffin they should drape this quilt with all its sparkle over me.

The final lesson Block 12 and construction pdf have gone out in the embellished cats BOM so that one is now concluded.

I have also put the binding around my Hoopsisters Mystery for 2014 , the Modern Baltimore in my favourite red/black and white colour colourway.

I have restitched some of my blocks in the Polka Dot BOM and will hopefully have Block 2 lesson out to everyone doing that popular BOM tomorrow or early weekend.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Change of plan and BOM update

A couple of weeks ago I bought this lovely giraffe fabric from Spotlight here in Australia. I had already started my Polka Dot Giraffe BOM in the pastel colours when I bought this but I have been prevaricating and tossing up whether to use it or not. After doing another block today I have decided to use the colours in the giraffe fabric I bought so it is now back to stitching out some replacement blocks. If you are looking for this fabric in Spotlight it is on the roll in the cotton fabric section not in the patchwork fabric section and it has a cot panel that co-ordinates with it.

Block 5 has gone out in the Stack'Ems BOM and Karen has been quick of the mark and this is her stitch out to date.

Blocks 55 and 56 have also also gone out in the Crazy Quilt BOM.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Super Moon and More Quilts Delivered

We have just been outside to take some pictures of the super moon appearing in the sky. It is magnificent. Of course it is only called "super" because it is closer to the Earth in it's elliptical orbit. Love being able to see the craters on the surface
Super Moon August 11 2014
This morning I delivered 14 more quilts to our local shelter.

 Pat and Karen forwarded these quilts to me to deliver the as well.
Pat's Quilt 1

Pat's Quilts 2
Of course Karen's lovely quilt had to be given the AOK by the quality control team before I folded them up and handed them over.
Karen's Quilt
Two of the quilts I took today were UFO's belonging to someone who kindly gave them to me to reconstruct and finish off.
Imagine how many quilts we would all have to donate to worthy causes if we dug into our UFO's and finished them off.

This morning I bought the new Forest Owl set from Hatched in Africa. I intend to make a BOM quilt with these down the track. Think they may still be on introductory special for a couple more days. Please email me if you would like to participate. We will not start for a couple of weeks

Friday, 8 August 2014

Busy, busy and a whinge again.

It has been all systems go this week as I get soe more quilts organised to donate to the local women's shelters. We delivered 18 of them on Wednesday to a group in Launceston. I am planning on doing another delivery of approximately 12 early next week and then I need to put some time back into my BOM's for those who are  patiently waiting for lessons.

Shelter Quilts 1

Shelter Quilts 2

Shelter Quilts 3

I have had to take a deep breath and suck it up this week. Once again I have had a couple of people request that I set out my FREE tutorials differently so that they do not waste their ink printing them out. Could I remove the watermark and the borders? I need to say that again, my FREE tutorials. Am I being too sarcastic and judgemental?

I also want to say a very big thank you to those people who take the time to spend a minute or so sending me a thank you  note after I send them a tutorial or list the links to a number of BOM's that they want. As I have said before for every 10 requests for projects or BOM's  that I get I will get one thank you email. People are very quick to get in contact with me again if I have not answered their emails in a couple of hours or they have trouble downloading. I send out a few hints for them to help them download and never hear another thing. Perhaps they are disappointed with my tutorials.

 Oh well, it is the other lovely people who appreciate my lessons that make it all worthwhile. Thank you , thank you ! You all know who you are.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

What a week!

We have had the week form hell in terms of weather. It was officially classified as an extreme weather event.  It is winter here in Tasmania but we have had a week of dreadful weather. It started last Monday night around 6.00pm when there was a terrible roar for about 1 minute like a freight train was coming through the house. We had a mini tornado come down our street. We had a tree come down in the back yard and the garden arbour out the front was demolished. 

The house next door had part of its fence demolished and our neighbour lost a window. The wind then went in a line about 400 yards from us as the crow flies and tipped up this office block. All in  all we got off lightly compared to these people about 30 minutes away.

It was then a week of prolonged gale force winds, frequent power outages, heavy rain and very cold temps. Today we have bright sunshine but it is very cold with snow not too far away on the hills. In  fact the first night without the gale force winds was a bit eerie.

I got to the stage that I no longer restarted my computer with all the power interruptions as it was happening too frequently. I did bunker down and quilted the stack of my Bridie's Blessings quilts that needed doing so it is just onto finishing the binding and checking them ready for them to be delivered this week. It was a bit disconcerting to be sewing away and then nothing as the power made its frequent disappearances.