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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Some project pics

It is late Easter Sunday here and it has been a little on the chilly side. Autumn is certainly making its presence felt in Tasmania.

I have a couple of pics sent in by blog followers this afternoon.
First up we have Ann's Antique Rose BOM quilt. Love the colours. 
Ann's Antique Rose quilt

Lorraine entered her Floral Sketches BOM quilt in the machine embroidered quilt section of her local CWA Mornington Peninsula Creative Arts Exhibition  and won first prize. Well done Lorraine and I just love the colours in this quilt as well.
Lorraine's First Prize winning Floral Sketches BOM
Remember that if you want the links to download the lessons to either of these past BOM quilts just send me an email following the link on the top right hand side of this page.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Be Quick for These

Embroidery Library have four beautiful butterfly design free through until April 20th. The best thing about these is there may be enough to do a small BOM quilt I think so please make sure you download all of the sizes. This is just one of them below.

The Urban Threads free Home Planet design is also available until April 20th as well.

That is about all I have time to go and find for you today. I did not want you to miss the Embroidery Library ones.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Good Friday morning

I just want to take this opportunity to wish that you all have a peaceful, restful and safe Easter break.

I have been out of bed very early as the fur babies wanted to get up and once they decide that there is no stopping them so the sewing machines have been humming away from before daybreak..
I am working furiously trying to get more of my baby packs completed. I sent another 6 off this Thursday that were requested Monday afternoon by an emergency dept that deal with early miscarriages. They wanted them as soon a s I could complete them so the fingers were busy stitching and crocheting. That brings to date 49 packs that I have sent out so far with 555 pieces in them. I am currently working on packs for two other major regional hospitals.

Misty has been perched on top of fabric overseeing the activities.

It is now raining quite heavily but that was not the case early this morning as I managed to  go outside on a few occasions to take some lovely sunrise shots.

The moon was still high in the morning western sky

We had a gorgeous rainbow over the house on Thursday morning

and this glorious moon was up the night before. It was cloudy on Tuesday night so we did not get to see the lunar eclipse which was a little disappointing.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Productive weekend

I have had a very productive weekend as Sunday afternoon draws to a close. I have made up four more non gender specific packs to take to a local hospital tomorrow as they rang and requested a few replacements. Just have a couple more little booties to put the finishing touches to.

I have also sent out the instructions to Block 14, the last one before the construction lesson in the Graceful BOM. This block features what I call double flying geese along the top and I will write a small tutorial on how to do them in other size when I get the time.

Block 47 in the  Kenny Kreations Crazy quilt BOM has also been sent out.

and last but not least Block 5 in the Embellished Cats BOM has been sent out to those receiving these instructions.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

I am still here

I have had a few emails from my loyal blog followers wondering if I am OK. I am definitely OK just ben very busy working on my Bridie's Blossoms  packs. Anna and I delivered 21 to our local hospital last Tuesday. That makes 39 packs we have delivered so far with a total of 477 items in them all handmade mostly by me with a little help from my neighbour and my Mum. I am just working on the next lot that will be delivered the week following Easter hopefully. I am also including a few non gender packs for very early week losses.

I will getting back to the last block for the  Graceful BOM over the weekend and will post some new lessons out for the other BOM's currently underway.

Important Please Read
Just a word about my free Block of the  Month lessons and other project files. Although they are free to download and use they are not intended for others to use in classes run by other instructors without asking my permission.They are definitely  not under any circumstances to be used in a class that an instructor is charging a fee for. That is not the reason they are designed for. If they are to be used in a class all members of the group must contact me individually for the download link to download them.

I do not mind sending our download links and I have sent a fair number out in the past few weeks. It takes up about 30 minutes each day. I never know whether they all actually arrive at their destination or are caught up in cyberspace as I very rarely receive a courtesy return thank you email saying that the links they have requested have arrived.

We have had some more lovely sunrises this week The pics  below were taken on Monday morning. I have tried to put them in chronological order

Friday, 4 April 2014

Did you know this about running your iron?

The majority of us like to have our iron on when we are sewing. We do not like to continually turn it off and turn it on over and over again. Few of us like the auto shut off irons either. However, if we have our normal everyday iron turned on continuously for a four or five hour stretch or longer it is the same as running a floor heater and we all know that they chew through the power and add heaps to our electricity bill. Most irons are rated at 2400W per hour and a floor heater is rated at 2400W as well.
For example here in Tasmania at the present tariffs if I run my 2400W (2.4kW) for 5 hours of sewing it is going to cost me 2.4 x 5 x 0.268 = $3.21

If you have a smaller travel sized iron or class iron have a look at its power rating and you will more than likely find that it uses up to 2/3 less electricity than your normal iron. Mine only uses 800W of power per hour.
This iron will cost me  0.8 x 5 x .268=  $1.07
Definitely worth thinking about how you use that hot rock in your sewing room. More money saved means more fabric purchased and that has to be good thing.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Maukie the Cat has gone missing

Some of you have probably noticed that Maukie the cat widget that once resided on my blog is no longer there. Unfortunately the company that hosted the widget such as the cat no longer is doing so and as a result Maukie is no longer displayed. I will have to look around and see if I can replace him.