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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Embroidered Strippy Quilts Free Tutorial uploaded

Over the past few weeks I have also been stitching out embroidered quilts with strip sets and scrappy strips for the women's shelter. The quilts use five embroidered blocks that have been stitched with 5x7 sized designs. If borders are added to each block there is no reason why the same quilts could not be made with 4x4 sized designs stitched on 6 1/2 inch trimmed blocks and then borders added. I have finally written up the tutorials. The quilts are stitched with various design sets from Hatched in Africa and there is a link to each set used in the tutorial.

You can download the tutorial for all four quilt variations from HERE

Woody Owls Stair Quilt Free Tutorial Uploaded

I have been stitching out more quilts for the local shelter and have done a tutorial on this one I have named the Woody Owls Stair quilt as the block arrangement gives a step stair effect. The Step stair effect is much more pronounced if you use fabrics with a lot more contrast than what I have.

Woody Owls Stair Quilt

You can download the tutorial from HERE

One of my lovely friends gave me a 22 cm wide roll of fabric that came from the Sheridan factory that used to be here in Tasmania many moons ago. I set about designing 2 quilts for the women's shelter from it. The pink highlight one was stitched with blue thread and uses my Bridie's Blossoms One Metre Wonder Quilt 4 instructions.

The brighter coloured one is stitched with variegated thread and I cut 8 inch squares from the strip and used them as a post and rail layout. I used the Pearl Quilt Squares from Hatched in Africa.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Puppy Tales Quilt Free Tutorial Uploaded

I have spent the last couple of days designing and stitching out this new quilt as a gift for a new baby girl. I had a bit of trouble with small gusts of wind as I was trying to photograph it. I have stitched in the centre of four of the pieced blocks.

Puppy Tails Quilt

You can download the tutorial from HERE

There is a new BOM in the  planning stage so keep an eye out for more details.

It is well and truly late autumn here in Tasmania as the days are drawing in and the weather is becoming much cooler. We have still had some gorgeous little birds visiting the garden.
Silver Eyes

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Ragamatazz Quilt Tutorial Uploaded

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers. I had a lovely roast duck lunch with my lovely Mum today.

 Over the past week I have been busily been working on designing and stitching some new quilt tops for the local women's shelter. Those of you on the Facebook page would have seen them. I will upload the tutorials up as I do them. I have been concentrating on quick to stitch and quick to piece quilts that require approximately one metre of focus fabric.

I have stitched the Rag Train Plane and Boat designs from Hatched in Africa many times and had this set previously stitched and waiting for me to finally put this quilt plan into action. I have called this layout  my Ragamatazz quilt because your eye dances all over it. Each block has a partial seam in it and it is my go to block for the quilts I use in the Bridie's Blossoms packages.Once again I have added that little bit of black and white to bring some zing to it.My plan was to get that basket weave interlocking effect where the blocks meet.
Ragamatazz Quilt

 You can download the tutorial from HERE

Keep an eye out for the rest of the tutorials over the next week or so and also there is going to be a new BOM.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Tone on Tone Floral Illusion Quilt Tutorial Uploaded

I have created another lap quilt in my illusion quilt series. This one is called Tone on Tone Florals Illusion and is stitched using the Tone on Tone Floral From Hatched in Africa.The lap sized quilt is approximately 50 inches square. The designs have no correct orientation so the quilt looks great no matter which way it is placed on the sofa or bed. By changing the orientation of the middle row you can also create a step stir effect. This is is a fast to embroider and piece quilt and ideal to stitch as a gift or as a charity quilt.

Tone On Tone floral Illusion Quilt

 You can download the tutorial from HERE

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Tutorial Correction

My sincere apologies. If you have downloaded the tutorial in my previous post please go back and re download. I was just making another quilt with the same layout and discovered that one of the strip measurements was incorrect. The same link will still work. 

Today has been a beautiful Autumn day, hardly a cloud in the sky. I have put together a Bridie's Blossoms keepsake  package to be sent off to the parents of an angel baby.

I am currently working on my last unit for my Diploma of Family History. I am researching my last essay and must knuckle down and get it down over the next week as it is due the first week in May.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

New Window Box Vintage Flowers Illusion quilt pattern and tutorial uploaded

My new lap quilt that I have titled Window Box Vintage Flowers Illusion has been in the making process for a week or so now. Yesterday I finished piecing it and I have also written a tutorial for it. I have stitched the 52 inch square lap quilt using the Vintage Flowers set from Hatched in Africa and have made the embroidered centres 8 1/2 inches square so that the same dimensions can be used with many sets of embroidered designs. I thought the designs looked like vases of flowers and the setting makes them look like they are sitting in window boxes, hence the title for the quilt.

You can download the tutorial from HERE