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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Rococo BOM Complete with all lessons uploaded

All of the lessons for Rococo BOM are now in the download folder. Please download before Monday 10th July as the folder will be taken down from share on that day.

To download the files  click HERE and you will be taken to the download folder.

The cold days of winter have definitely arrived here in Tasmania but that didn't stop the little silvereyes having a bath again this morning.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Pythagorean Persian Table/Bed Runner

I have had a busy week embroidering and stitching the blocks for the Rococo Inspirations BOM. The quilt top is complete and the  tutorials for each of the blocks will be written over the next week or so.

HIIA Rococo Inspirations BOMs

Inspired by the fabrics I used for the  BOM I have also designed ,stitched and written a tutorial for my new Pythagorean Persian Table /Bed Runner. The finished runner measures approximately 49 inches (125 cm) long x 21 ½ inches (55 cm) wide. The width makes it ideal to use as a bed runner if one or more embroidered blocks is added. I have used the Persia Quilt Blocks from Hatched in Africa for the embroideries. The runner is made from half square triangles and triangles cut from squares so it is not difficult to construct.
Pythagorean Persian Table Runner

You can download the tutorial from HERE

I have also stitched and sent out a memory package to the heartbroken parents of a little angel.

We seem to finally have our winter weather and the cats are not venturing too far away from the heater.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

HIA Rococo Inspirations BOM new blocks uploaded

I have stitched out Block 2 and 3 of the Rococo Inspirations BOM and completed Row 1. The instructions have also been written up and the instructions posted in the BOM folder on Google drive. Please excuse my far from perfect pressing placement of blocks for photographing as I wanted to do it outside and the rain was starting.
HIA Rococo Inspirations BOM Block 2

HIA Rococo Inspirations BOM Block 3

HIA Rococo Inspirations BOM  Row 1 with Block 1-3  

You can download the files from the folder link HERE.

I have also planned another table runner and hope to have that done some time this week hopefully.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

New Pearl Quilt Squares Table Runner Tutorial

This is my latest project  which I have named The Pearl Quilt Squares Table Runner  as it has been embroidered using the Pearl Quilt Squares set of designs from Hatched in Africa.
Pearl Quilt Squares Table runner

The finished runner measures approximately 53 inches (135 cm) long x 17 ½ inches (45 cm) wide and is a good project to complete as a gift. 

You can download the tutorial From HERE.

We have had some adorable little silvereye birds in the garden fountain this morning.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Starburst Quilt tutorial Uploaded and New BOM Underway

I have designed a new quilt I have name Starburst that incorporates 5 embroidered blocks. I have designed the Starburst  quilt in two sizes to accommodate different sized embroideries. 

Starburst Quilts

The embroidered blocks for Starburst 1  are cut to 8 1/2 inches square. This quilt measures approximately 44 inches square and is embroidered using the Rag Bugs set of designs from Hatched in Africa

Starburst Quilt 1

The embroidered blocks for Starburst 2  are cut to 10 1/2 inches square. This quilt measures approximately 52 inches square and is embroidered using the Pearl Quilt Circles set of designs from Hatched in Africa

Starburst Quilt 2

You can download the tutorial for the Starburst quilts from

The next BOM is also underway using the Rococo sets of designs from Hatched in Africa. The instructions for Block 1 as well as the requirements list is located in a download folder that you can access HERE
As each new Block set of instructions is provided they will be located in that download folder. I will try and get the instructions for at least one block done each week.

We had a glorious view of a beautiful crescent moon and Venus this morning just before daybreak.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Perfect Pearl Squares Quilt Tutorial Uploaded

I have been busily working over the past few days on a couple of  quilts that are gifts  The first is the little pink baby quilt that has been stitched with the Elephant applique designs from Hatched in Africa. The layout is my Strip Fever quilt design which you can find under the Projects tab.
Strip Fever quilt

The second quilt is my the one I have titled Perfect Pearl Quilt Squares .This quilt measures a very respectable 55 inches square. All of the blocks and setting triangles have been embroidered with design from the Pearl Quilt Square set from Hatched in Africa. 

Perfect Pearl Quilt Squares Quilt

 I have used a variegated thread called Peacock which I purchased a few years ago now from Theda Threads to embroider the designs with. I have written a tutorial for this quilt that will guide you through the design placement etc.

You can download the tutorial from HERE

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Pop Up Quilt show and new tutorial uploaded

Yesterday I had another little pop up quilt show on my fence with another 11 quilts I have just completed for our local women's shelter. Hopefully I will get to deliver them tomorrow.
Pop up quilt show of charity quilts June 13th 2017

Nearly all of the quilts measure  approximately 53 inches x 53 inches so they are a very good size. You can find the tutorials for most of the quilts under the Free Pattern/Projects tab.

One of the quilts I made and have just written the tutorial for is Marvelous Muscle Cars. Although the blocks are on point it is still fairly easy to put together because of the sashing cornestones I have used.
Marvellous Muscle Cars

You can download the tutorial from HERE.

I will be starting the  next BOM later on this week so please check back for the links to the download folder.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

New Strip Fever Quilt Tutorial Uploaded

Have been busy over the last two days designing and stitching another quick and easy strip quilt which I have named Strip Fever. Once again it uses the width of the fabric in the border and measures approximately 51 inches square when complete. However, I cut the strip set back when trimming so it could easily be a single bed size.

I have made two colourways in the quilt. For the pink version I embroidered the Redwork Quilting Flowers from Hatched in Africa and are just gorgeous I think for this quilt. I have accented both quilts with ric rac.

Strip Fever Pink Colourway

The bright quilt was stitched with the Construction Time set from Hatched in Africa also. This set has some lovely smaller design I used in the 4 cornerstones.
Strip Fever Bright Colourway

You can download the tutorial from HERE.
There are more tutorials to follow over the next few days so stay tuned.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Tutorial updated with new quilt variation

Today's effort is another new quilt for the shelter. I have had this swan fabric for a while now and the new Decorative Swans from Hatched in Africa were just perfect.

Swan Song

I have added the modified instruction to the tutorial page on my blog. I have also made a few modifications to the tutorial as I found a few typos so if you have download it previously please go and download the new version which also includes the instructions for this version.

The original post and link can be found HERE

Monday, 5 June 2017

Rag Bugs Alive Quilt tutorial Uploaded

Here is another of the quilts I have designed to be donated to the women's shelter. This one I have named  Rag Bugs Alive as it is stitched with the Rag Bugs collection from Hatched in Africa. 

I wanted to do an asymmetrical deign layout and this is it. The quilt is approximately 51 inches square and I have stitched it out in two colourways. 

Rag Bugs Alive Quilt 1

Rag Bugs Alive Quilt 2
You can download the tutorial from HERE.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Up Up and Away Quilt tutorial Uploaded

Since I delivered the quilts to the women's shelter last week I have been working on some more particularly those for boys and those that are gender neutral. If you have been following the Facebook page you will have seen my progress. The first one I did is titled Up Up and Away and is stitched using the Zig Zag Planes designs from Hatched in Africa. I try and make all of these quilts so that you can use one metre or less of the outside border or focus fabric

Up Up and Away
You can download the tutorial from HERE

This quilt measures about 48 inches square . I have three more quilts for which I have to write tutorial so stay tuned.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

My Own Quilt Show

I have finished the last of the 12 quilts I have embroidered, pieced and quilted for the local women's shelter as  part of my Bridie's Blossoms and Blessings program. I got a little inspired and pinned them all  to the fence framed by the autumn leaves on our silver birch trees. Most of them you will recognise as I have written up tutorials for them. Most of these quilts have as their feature one metre of the main focus fabric. My mini quilt show was probably also the shortest on record as I took all of the quilts down after they had been photographed and folded them in preparation to be delivered early this coming week.
Quilts for the shelter mini quilt show.

I will be starting a new BOM with the Rococo designs from Hatched in Africa. It will more than likely be stitched using a combination of Set 2 and Set 3. Keep an eye out on here or my FB page for when I start.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Embroidered Strippy Quilts Free Tutorial uploaded

Over the past few weeks I have also been stitching out embroidered quilts with strip sets and scrappy strips for the women's shelter. The quilts use five embroidered blocks that have been stitched with 5x7 sized designs. If borders are added to each block there is no reason why the same quilts could not be made with 4x4 sized designs stitched on 6 1/2 inch trimmed blocks and then borders added. I have finally written up the tutorials. The quilts are stitched with various design sets from Hatched in Africa and there is a link to each set used in the tutorial.

You can download the tutorial for all four quilt variations from HERE. Please note I revised this tutorial on June 6th 2017.